Probably the most well known way of becoming a lawful permanent resident of the U.S. is through marriage to a U.S. citizen. Our law firm has successfully assisted hundreds of Americans in applying for green cards for their spouses and fiancés. To learn more about how to apply for a green card on behalf of your foreign spouse or fiancé and how Goldstein & Associates can help please continue reading below.

Married already spouse in the U.S.?

If your foreign husband or wife is already living here in the U.S. you can file for a green card on behalf of your spouse with the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Service (USCIS). There are two main applications that USCIS must approve before they will grant lawful permanent resident status, which are:

  1. Form I-130 Petition for Alien Relative:
    Used by USCIS to decide whether or not you are in a good faith marriage.
  2. Form I-485 Application to Adjust Status or Register Permanent Residence:
    The actual green card application. If this application is approved your foreign spouse will be issued with a two year conditional green card.

Our attorneys and immigration professionals will use their considerable experience to guide you through the process. We do this by helping you to avoid common mistakes, by putting together your important application in a professional and efficient manner, and by representing you before USCIS so that your rights and interests are protected and heard.

Married already spouse outside the U.S.?

If you are already married and wish to bring your foreign spouse to the U.S. you must first apply to have your marriage recognized by USCIS using Form I-130 Petition for Alien Relative.

Once the I-130 is approved USCIS will inform the U.S. National Visa Center (NVC) of the approval. You must then apply to the NVC for a visa on behalf of your spouse. Your spouse will also have to attend an interview at the U.S. Consulate with jurisdiction over the country where your spouse lives.

Once your spouse successfully completes the interview and once all applications and security checks are approved, your spouse will receive a stamp in their passport which allows them to enter the U.S. as a lawful permanent resident.

This process can often times be even more complicated than applying for a foreign spouse who is already in the U.S. Also your spouse may not be able to travel to the U.S. until the application is complete which means that your application requires diligence and efficiency to ensure that you are not separated from your spouse for longer than necessary.

Our experienced immigration attorneys and professionals will guide you through each stage of the process in a professional and compassionate manner. We will ensure that your application is the best it can be and we will represent you at each stage of this important process to make sure that your application is approved in a timely and efficient way.

Fiancé(e) already in the U.S.?

If you are planning to marry a non U.S. citizen already in the U.S. you both need to be aware of how the U.S. immigration laws may effect any future green card application based on that marriage.

Many different factors can effect the out come of such a green card application like your non U.S. citizen’s immigration status, their criminal record, their current marital status, whether or not they have ever been ordered deported from the U.S. and much more.

A free consultation with one of our skilled and experienced immigration attorneys will provide you with the knowledge you need to make informed decisions, and save you from possible expensive and painful mistakes in the future.

Fiancé(e) outside the U.S.?

If your fiancé lives outside of the U.S. and you want them to come to the U.S. so you can be married than you can apply for a Fiancé Visa on their behalf.

You must be able to prove that both you and your fiancé are legally able to get married and plan to do so within 90 days of their arrival in the U.S.

Generally, you must have met your fiancé in person within the last two years unless your fiancé’s culture would prevent this or you can prove that this requirement would inflict extreme hardship on you.

If the Fiancé Visa is approved your fiancé can travel to the U.S. where the two of you have 90 days to get married. After the marriage you can apply to USCIS for a green card on behalf of your new husband or wife. For information on how to apply for a green card after you are married see here.

It is important to note that while the application is pending your fiancé will be unable to travel to the U.S. So to avoid unnecessary delays it is important to make sure that you application is as good as it can be. Our experienced immigration professionals and attorneys will be there with you at every stage of the process. Contact us today for a free consultation with one of our immigration attorneys to find out if the Fiancé Visa is right for you and your loved one.

Inadmissibility waivers

If you have already applied for a green card on behalf of a spouse or other immediate family member and had it denied by USCIS, or if you fear that if you file for a green card your relative may be denied and end up in deportation proceedings, then you should contact us immediately.

People who make applications to the U.S. immigration agencies can be found to be “inadmissible” for many different reasons. We can explain what this means, why you are “inadmissible” and if possible how to fix this problem by using what is known as a waiver of inadmissibility.

Our law firm only practices U.S. immigration law and we have a wealth of experience and knowledge at our disposal. Our Attorneys and immigration professionals take pride in coming up with innovative solutions to individual problems. Even if you have already been told that there is nothing you can do we may be able to find an alternative route to solve your problem.

J-1 Visa waivers

If you fall under section 212(e), and have a two year home residence requirement, we would be happy to work with you to obtain a waiver under the regulations.

We offer free consultations with our immigration attorneys. Contact us today and make an appointment to speak to us where we are more than happy to discuss you immigration situation and advise you of what options are open to you.