Immigration Reform Bill to be taken up by U.S. Senate in June

The Senate’s immigration reform bill has been approved by the Senate Judiciary Committee, after enduring an extensive mark-up. The Judiciary Committee considered 300 proposed amendments over a two week period, and the bill is now set to hit the Senate floor. The Senate is planning to begin work on the immigration bill the week of June 10, while the House of Representatives is expected to simultaneously work on a bill that could potentially pass by the end of the summer.

While the new immigration laws will undoubtedly open up a pathway to citizenship to millions, they are also expected to eliminate some current options for many immigrants. Under current U.S. law, U.S. citizens can petition for their siblings and unmarried adult children. The wait for these petitions can take more than a decade, but the option exists, for now. Under the Senate’s proposed immigration reform bill, the waiting list for other family-based visas will speed up, but it will eliminate 70,000 green cards annually for siblings and unmarried adult children of U.S. citizens. For those U.S. citizens with foreign national siblings and adult children, it would be wise to apply for your family members before this bill becomes a law.

The attorneys at Goldstein & Associates are tracking the proposals for immigration reform closely. While the Senate’s bill is expected to be worked on as early as next week, the House of Representatives is expected to propose its own version of immigration reform simultaneously, which could pass by the end of the summer. If you would like more information on how the new immigration laws could affect you, please contact our office by phone or email us at