What now? A presidential transition

President-Elect Joe Biden smiles at a crowd while onstage in front of a large American flag.


With the Trump Administration on its way out of the White House, and the Biden Administration coming into a strained, but hopeful democracy, there’s a lot for us to imagine in terms of immigration in the United States for the coming 2021 year. Along with increased travel, once vaccinations have had a chance to roll through our world’s population, America will soon see a tremendous growth in immigrant numbers. Those seeking to establish roots in the States will have more opportunities to do so, in addition to litigation steadily decreasing as the country moves towards immigration-friendly leadership.

What the Biden Administration will need to focus on, amongst other pressing issues, will be encouraging US companies to hire more foreign talent. They can influence this by establishing new policies, changing specific anti-immigration regulations, and adding more confidence into the system itself. Luckily, more foreign families and individuals will be back to trying their luck with US immigration now that Trump is out of power – many of whom held off on beginning the application processes due to his unyielding efforts to keep the number of immigrants to a minimum while in office.


Trump will no longer be president, but many of his policies, especially surrounding immigration, will still be in play unless Biden steps up to the plate and makes revoking these policies a priority in his admin from the get-go. It is our hope, and in the best interest of the United States, that Biden’s administration will push America to be pro-immigration and once again welcome foreigners into our country.


There’s a lot to look forward to as far as Biden’s immigration policies go. Keep your eyes on our blog for more updates as we learn more about the regulation turnarounds and big changes in immigration law during these first few months with Biden in the oval office. If you have any questions regarding any points from the text above, or if you need to speak with an attorney, please feel free to contact our Pittsburgh office at 412.258.8080, our Philadelphia office at 215-982-2381, or schedule a free consultation with one of our immigration attorneys on our site using this link.