Privacy Policy:

At Goldstein & Associates, LLC we respect your privacy, and we are dedicated to ensuring your information is protected. When retaining Goldstein & Associates, LLC to provide any service, we may collect personal identification information for services and/or payments, which will be recorded on our server logs. This collected information is solely for the purpose of providing retained services and/or making payments. Goldstein & Associates will never sell this information.


Security Policy:

With Goldstein & Associates, LLC your personal identification information will always be safe. Our firm uses secure private closed circuit servers provided by Microsoft Windows 2012 r2 Technologies, to store your information for services we have been retained to provide.

Your payment information is not stored. Goldstein & Associates uses Heartland Payment Processing, which uses Secure Submit for all credit card payments. Secure Submit encrypts all information at the time of the payment(s), this includes but is not limited to, your name, address, phone number, and credit card information. This encryption ensures your information cannot be read over the internet.

Our servers are up-to-date with industry standards to ensure your information is protected.


Refund Policy:

All payments for services at Goldstein & Associates, LLC are specific to signed contracts. We do not hold client funds for legal fees in escrow accounts. Any request for a refund will be evaluated on a case by case basis by our principal.