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Mark Goldstein and his team have given my family and I a gift that is truly priceless. Obtaining permanent residency did not seem possible without the help, guidance and hard work displayed by Mark and his team. I can now look forward to moving on with my life with all the benefits of having legal status, and I truly owe a great deal to this great team of lawyers!

I met Mr. Goldstein in mid-2012 and from the onset he and his team started working on my case, preparing required documents for obtaining a permanent residency in the United States. Due to the nature of the application, I had to work closely with Mark and his team to prepare a dossier, which was really a pleasant and fruitful experience. One or two minor challenges encountered along the way were handled expertly and in a timely manner. Thanks to Mark I am now able to look forward to the future and plan my career accordingly. I recommend Goldstein & Associates, and particularly Mark, highly, without reservations.

Mark Goldstein was the best decision we made. He knew everything we needed to do and guided us every step of the way. We felt very confident in his hands. He took no chances and foresaw every detail and our trust in him led to complete success. He even went with us to the green card hearing.

Mark was the only person who made ​​it possible for me, who thought it was impossible, for all his work and his dedication and effort He made my dream come true. I Could not have done it with out Him . Thanks to Mark and his wonderful associates for a excellent job, from the bottom of my heart. God bless Mark and his associates , and GOD BLESS AMERICA !!!

I met Mark Goldstein two years ago in 2012, during the most difficult period of my life. I had been placed in removal proceedings by immigration authorities and was unable to obtain a green card even though I was married to an American citizen. Mark and his staff took my case and notwithstanding these seemingly insurmountable difficulties, managed to terminate all removal proceedings thus allowing me to become a permanent resident! Mark Goldstein’s experience and knowledge of immigration issues were crucial in the success of our case, thanks to him I am now able to plan my life and career accordingly without the fear of deportation. I highly recommend Goldstein and Associates in view of their professionalism, honesty and experience.

I came to Goldstein and Associates during the time when there was already no hope left. I was unsafe, unsecure, and had no idea what to do. Mark and his wonderful team listened carefully to me and offered help. Having started from the very bottom, I am now successfully developing my life and career, and it all became possible thanks to Mark who built a case with barely any evidence in 2.5 years and won it. His office is welcoming like home, the whole team, from secretary, summer intern or Mark himself, is always there for you answering numerous questions and solving issues in timely fashion. I will highly recommend Goldstein and Associates to anyone.

Thank you so much for everything Mark Goldstein and your great team!!!! , all I want to say is , it has been a great year for me since when I met you , in less than 8 months Mark Goldstein solved my case, I was coming from another state on removal proceedings, after I spent 45 days in a detention center , he took my case and told me exactly the right things to do to get my residence card , now finally after a lot of work , getting all the papers together , and after his team got all my records from 4 different states , I finally got my green card!!!, me and my wife are so happy to find such a good and honest lawyer , who was with us on every step a long the whole process , starting with terminating the removal proceedings, and after that going with me to all my interviews . Now I got to enjoy my family , my wife my beautiful baby, all this thanks to a great lawyer and an amazing team.

I highly recommend this law firm.. Mark Goldstein is the best immigration lawyer.. He helped my with my Naturalization and went to the Interview with me. Before meeting Mark I was really frustrated and didn’t know what to do. He was so nice and walked me through the process and explained the process to me. I went to the interview with him and he did a great job and my citizenship was approved.

Mark Goldstein, helped me petition for a Green Card for my son, who is Italian and is currently studying in the United States. Mark handled the task with the utmost professionalism. First he asked all the relevant questions, then explained the process, outlined the likely path and any potential issues and quoted me a price. He then gave us a precise list of documents and followed up with us to make sure we had compiled the full list. Mark was available throughout the process, he is clearly very knowledgeable and prepared to handle complex cases. I am certain that Mark Goldstein is the best Immigration Attorney in Pittsburgh and frankly he provided a service that is superior to the one I received in New York city.

I came to the States a few years ago, and was alone and by myself. I did not know how I would be reunited with the girl that I have always wanted to be with. Mark Goldstein was the angel guiding us through all the immigration dilemmas we were potentially going to face. He helped me bring my wife and furthermore in the last stages of helping bring my extended family here too. I have recommended Mark Goldtein to my friends and will continue on doing that! If you want your immigration problems solved, Goldstein is the route to go!

I hired Mr Mark to do refile for removal of my conditional status a year ago after a former lawyer unprofessionally filed for that the first time which resulted on receiving an intention of terminating my conditional status and as a result put me on removal procedures. I went to Mr Mark after I heard very good words from a previous client of his. Mr Mark did an outstanding job, and addressed the USCIS thoroughly, he asked me very detailed questions about my case, asked me to redo all of my testimonial statements and walked me through every small detail. I would strongly recommend his services to everyone.

We had already worked with two lawyers for three years before finding Mr. Mark Goldstein. From the moment we spoke to him about our situation, Mr. Goldstein took us very seriously. It made us feel so good that he believed in us and our case. Within two years of working with Mr. Goldstein we got our greencard. During the two years, he supported us and patiently guided us through every step. He was very transparent about everything he was doing and though he gave us no guarantees about our result, he was completely honest and positive. We quickly realized he was very knowledgable and felt completely secure in his hands. Mr. Goldstein understood our difficult financial situation and did not pressure us for payments. He was extremely patient in waiting for us to completely pay his fees. Besides being an exceptional lawyer, Mr. Goldstein is a very kind, honest and good person, and it is entirely visible in everything he does for his clients. It was very hard leaving our country and Mr. Goldstein helped us feel secure when we had no hope. He is the most hardworking and kind lawyer I’ve ever met, and my family will never forget what he did for us.

I had outstanding service with excellent results with my very difficult refugee case I was very impressed with my total experience with Mark Goldstein and I had exceptional and fast results. I highly recommend this law firm. The attorney is delightful and personable. I had a divorce case that was very complicated and the attorney I had at the time had messed up this case. Mr. Goldstein took care of my case and fixed everything he’s truly an outstanding attorney. He also helped me and my father with our immigration cases and I highly recommend this attorney to anyone and everyone that is looking for honest and fair legal representation. Thank you Mr. Goldstein I appreciate you and all you do.

Mark and his team are ANGELS, he is engaged, he displayed extreme interest in my difficult situation over the seven years before it was finally resolved. If you need an attorney don’t hesitate he is your man.

Mr. Goldstein is an excellent lawyer. He quickly came to our help and guided us through every step of our case. Very organized and exceptionally responsive. The Goldstein office handled communication in the most efficient and convenient way possible. I can not wish for a better lawyer.

I have been a client of Goldstein & Associates for many years now, through several issues, and have had nothing but the absolute best experiences with them. Not only are they proficient in handling my case, Mark Goldstein has always gone above and beyond to make sure I understood what was happening every step of the way. His honesty in what I should expect, coupled with his calming, reassuring manner, has ensured I stay a loyal client, even though I have since moved from the Pittsburgh area. I cannot recommend this immigration firm enough!

Mark and his staff provided excellent service! My fiancee, now wife, needed to apply for “green card” status (permanent resident, right to work, right to travel). We worked with Mark for about 9 months, start to finish. He guided through the process perfectly and adeptly. He knows what he is doing! Our outcome was very successful. Every meeting with Mark was incredibly helpful. He explained all the rules and laws very carefully and clearly. He was always organized, professional, and courteous. His staff was friendly and understanding of our case, and they were always prompt in responding to our inquiries and offering us help and support. It is a complicated process, but Mark and his staff made it easy with step-by-step guidance and support. I am so happy that we hired him. His work with us and for us was outstanding and sets a new standard for excellence. We highly recommend him to anyone trying to navigate the complicated world of immigration law. He is a real professional and the top of his field.

Thank you for your hard work and warm support for our green card application. We just finished our interviews today – a good one. This means a lot to my family.

During the recent Naturalization ceremony which took place in Pittsburgh, PA, on February 11, 2011, I took the Oath of Allegiance to become a proud citizen of the United States of America. The realization of this dream was possible because of your hard work, legal advice, direction, wisdom, knowledge, commitment, and great concern for me.

I hereby thank you, and your associates very much for time, energy and effort you put in for the completion of this onerous task. I cannot thank you enough. May God reward you all immensely from his abundance.

Excellent job. Thank you very much.

Thank you for giving us hope and making it come true

This is the time of the year to give thanks, so I wanted to take the time out to thank you for all of your efforts during this immigration process. This has been a tough process, but with you as my lawyer, my life, and the life of my family has changed dramatically. Limitation was a factor, and now it is no longer an issue. With immigration granting us our green cards we will be able to access opportunities that were once without reach.

We are very happy that we have had the opportunity to come to know you and all those who are part of your office. It is refreshing to know that there are still people in this world whom you can trust. Your work ethic and strong moral character made it easier for us to cooperate with you and together accomplish my residency. Thank you so much for your patience and for helping us to understand each step of the way.