Students and OPT: What changes are in sight for foreign youth in the US

A recent graduate sits at a table with others, while wearing a graduation cap and gown. Her cap is decorated with a flowers and reads, “IMMIGRANT.”


Well, it’s happened. Trump is old news and Biden has stepped up to bat by signing over a dozen executive orders on his first day as the 46th President of the United States. Many of those orders were direct reversals of his predecessor’s decrees, but some are new. The ones we are most excited to see come to fruition are the immigration policies. Specifically, those relating to the demolition of non-Covid related travel bans, the destruction of the border wall between the United States and Mexico, and a new and bright path to citizenship for undocumented immigrants.

A large part of moving onward from the wreckage of Trump’s presidency is looking towards our future. The key to this would be to consider who is paving the way for that future: our children.


Whether it be international students studying in the the US, F-1 visa holders, or OPT recipients, these young people who are planning on entering, or who have already entered, our workforce are the ones who are going to be influencing the number of opportunities immigrants will have in the United States in the upcoming years. Biden’s administration would be wise to realize the potential these young people hold, by investing in the opportunity while they are dusting off the rest of the White House to get things set up to Joe’s liking. By allowing more students to work after graduation, and finding a better way for students to make the transition from school/university to the workforce more seamless, the 46th President will inherently help to encourage more youth to move to the US for their education. This transition is crutial and has been overlooked time and time again. However, a focus on it could help young people everywhere astronomically by making it easier for them to blend into the American workforce.


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